Julien Bayle & S/QU/NC/R live at Residence – London (UK)

Oct 29, 2015 - 13:43


Julien Bayle & S/QU/NC/R will perform an improvised sound piece created from experiments with field recordings, modular synthesizers and processing at Residence in Upper Clapton, on Friday 30 October.

An internationally established artist, Julien Bayle (Marseille, FR) merges visual art, music composition, physical approach of sound art and data visualization. His next performances will be at Transient festival in Paris (6 Nov.) and Day for Night festival in Houston, TX (19 Dec.)

S/QU/NC/R (London, UK) sound practice is focused on ambient, drones, field recording, improvisation and archives balancing between personal narrative and ethnographic documents.

Friday 30 October, 21.00, Residence, 130 Upper Clapton Road, London E5 9JY

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