ALPHA (live): new release by Julien Bayle

Jan 14, 2016 - 12:44

alpha live

ALPHA is a live performance merging sound and visuals into a dense and immersive matter, recorded during ELEKTRA Festival in Montréal, Canada, on May 15th, 2015.

 “I designed and composed the first version during the summer 2014 by using a very new creative process. I progressively grew music structures and designed the visuals generation system at the same time. The visual system analyses sound in real time and dynamically generates the elements and structures displayed on the screen during the performance. I created the sound analysis system in order to extract the meaningful elements from the sound at each moment of the performance, feeding the visual generator with information about the noisiness of the sound, its spectrum content and basic time-based data. The visual generator is a complex system I wanted to be able to react to the sound each time differently. I left room for chance (I am talking about “constrained chance”) as a part of the performance. There are no pre-recorded footages used in ALPHA, only 3D rendering, with the idea of producing and generating each time a new matter.
ALPHA is linked to my work about continuum and disruption, initiated with the Monaco/London-based project Disrupt!on, curated by François Larini and commissioned by Nouveau Musée National de Monaco in 2014. The performance is an exploration of a global and constantly moving structure, disturbed, pushed and distorted by the sound itself. On stage, I only tweak the sound and the sequences generated, and the visuals reacts as a co-performer playing with me. This is what I call “impulse/response concept”, a concept I am going to develop further in 2016, in a new project called reverb/anti verb.” – Julien Bayle.

You can order ALPHA (live recording) here.
This limited edition Digipak (edition of 75) contains:
* a CD with the live performance at ELEKTRA (38′ 26)
* a booklet with a text by François Larini
* a unique print generated by ALPHA’s algorithm (signed by the artist)

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