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The notion of traces constitutes a connecter between temporal perspectives usually dissociated. Between spaces, what can be comprehended? Remembered? Reinterpreted? OUA_BF consists of two tracks, born from the encounter of a personal archival collection and an unpredicted event. This event – a terror attack in Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso) on 15 January 2016 – triggered a memorial and emotional process that connected two very different temporalities and questioned the relationship one develops with a place. A once foreign place, progressively loaded with personal memories, feelings and life events…

HA_HA (track 1 + a downloadable text) is based on a short field recording realised in one take, at night, as an urgent need, a few days after the attack. The loss of a relative and the sudden irruption of violence in a peaceful and beloved country completely disturbed and blurred my perception and memories of my sixteen-year relationship with this place. The multiple layers of sound, interacting with each other, address this shattering.

Wend Paanga D (track 2) comes exclusively from materials recorded on cassettes from January to February 2000, in the north of Burkina Faso (today an inaccessible region, because of the terror threat). These recordings contain hours of oral archives in Mooré (language of the Mossi people, Burkina’s main ethnic group) relating local mythology, dancing masks and traditional political institutions. I have kept them ever since, without any specific idea about their usage. Retrospectively, through delay and feedback processing, they suddenly become the testimony of the archive’s fragility and the loss of a knowledge we are now unable to access…

Limited edition CD and digital download available here

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