Peter Van Haaften’s E.L.A.P.S. at File Festival

Jul 18, 2016 - 10:25

We are proud to share one more time E.L.A.P.S by Peter Van Haaften.
This project has been selected by FILE Festival (Electronic Language International Festival) in Brazil.

Posting is here:

Abstract is: “E.L.A.P.S.” is an [e]xpressive [l]ive [a]lgorithmic [p]erformance [s]ystem which looks to use algorithmic systems as tools that bind together humans and computational processes in order to question established conceptions of the instrument, the performer, the composer, and the score.

A sound recording of this project had been released on Bordille Records and you can still by the limited edition tape:


File runs from: July 11 – August 28 in São Paulo, Brazil.

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